Mining Contract Language for Gold — Broker Advisor

By James Crook 2:20 pm MDT 9/18/2020

Healthcare professionals are discovering that many group disability insurance policies are not so doctor-friendly come claim time. Many exclude policy language that would qualify them for the coverage they expect or include provisions that are detrimental to their interests.

The rub is that the features healthcare professionals value most — those gold nuggets that mirror and supplement their IDI coverage — are buried in contract language. These features rarely see the light of day on spreadsheets or proposals.

A big part of changing the conversation around healthcare professional group LTD insurance is knowing where the nuggets of gold — as well as harmful rock slag — are buried in key sections of carriers’ LTD contracts. Adding high-value nuggets to your LTD spreadsheet powers your proposal with differentiated IDI supplement features doctors love — and highlights the detrimental impurities included in commercial alternatives.

Half of what healthcare professionals value most isn’t on the spreadsheet — It’s buried in the contract

Producers who understand and use “nuggets and slag” in their spreadsheets and presentations are more likely to close cases than those who don’t.

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