Offer Quality Group Disability Coverage to Healthcare Professionals

By James Crook 7:59 pm MDT 9/14/2020

Offer quality group disability coverage to healthcare professionals to separate yourself from other benefits brokers

IDI carriers are reporting increased demand

According to the Council for Disability Awareness (CDA), COVID-19 has spiked the demand for individual disability insurance (IDI): “Individual disability insurance carriers are reporting extremely strong sales. One carrier indicated they have more applications and more pending applications for IDI than ever before. And some agents reported to one CDA member that their calls are being readily returned and their clients are more engaged and willing to proceed.”

Clearly, COVID-19 has caused all of us to start thinking about the realities of becoming disabled. Nowhere is this concern greater than within the healthcare industry. According to the 2019 Annual Survey of the U.S. Individual Disability Income Insurance Market prepared by Milliman, 4 of 15 surveyed companies stated that they issued over 40% of their IDI annualized premium to healthcare professionals in 2018! With healthcare professionals at a greater risk for becoming disabled, especially with prolonged exposure to COVID-19, we can reasonably expect that number to increase.

Typically, healthcare professionals see group long-term disability (LTD) coverage as inferior to IDI coverage. That’s because typical group coverage is not designed with the unique needs of healthcare professionals in mind, and too often brokers and healthcare professionals alike do not understand that the right group coverage can stack on top of their existing IDI coverage — with no impact to their personal IDI benefit.

Brokers should be on the lookout for group LTD programs exclusively designed to address the added coverage needs faced by surgeons, physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals while safeguarding their earnings and professional standards. In short, brokers should look for group LTD that mirrors IDI coverage.

A good group LTD policy that mirrors IDI will do several important things. Here are just a few:

  • Will define disability according to the CPT/CDT codes the healthcare professional has routinely performed over the previous twelve months
  • Will provide a Mental Disorders and Substance Abuse (MDSA) benefit on per occurrence basis rather than a lifetime basis
  • Will allow the disabled healthcare professional to choose if and when to return to work and in what capacity

By offering group LTD that acts like IDI, brokers will win the trust and business of their healthcare professional clients and prospects.

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