One Insurance Pro to Another: Selling Disability Insurance to Physicians

By Lacey Trejo 9:40 am MDT 10/12/2020

Bill Buchholz

Choose your market

Bill graduated in 1968 with a business administration and risk management degree from the University of Wisconsin’s School of Business -somewhat of an insurance education pioneer. (He’d later earn a master’s degree in financial services and the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist, or CEBS, professional designation.)

Know your contracts

One of Bill’s college professors shared some advice that put Bill on the track to success. He told Bill, “Make sure you understand the contracts thoroughly.” That drove Bill to put a lot of effort into reading insurance contracts in his early years to understand what all the provisions were and talk to the various insurance company claims departments and more.

Do what’s right

When he was younger, Bill says, he was “lucky to get to know Bobby Knight, the basketball coach.” Acknowledging that people’s impressions of Knight vary, Bill counts himself among his fans.

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